Adorable Kids Contest 2017
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017
By Sara Palas Photography
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Shhh, There's a secret about the Adorable Kids Contest

So back in June I introduced the first annual Adorable Kids Contest. It was a huge success and I'm already making plans to offer it again in 2018! Often times in a photography business, events like these can be hit or miss with what clients actually want. It was a HIT! I'm so thankful that I was able to provide so many adorable kids with a fun little session and give their families printed images to adore for years to come! You guys rock my world!


There were two portions of the Adorable Kids Contest; a local contest and a national contest (this is where the secret is). The local contest voting was held at Fidelity Bank & Trust and Freedom Bank, both in Postville, IA. Each kiddo had their own little box for votes, one vote for every penny collected. All the money collected was for the Postville Food Bank, in total over $400 was raised! Wow! What a community we are! I'm so proud of my tiny piece of the world here in northeast Iowa! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


These were all the kiddos I was able to enter into the national contest. Some of them had a regular session outside of the local contest offered, but since they fell within the dates of the national contest I wanted to include them as well! Caution: cuteness overload ahead!

Our local 2017 winner was four year old Kinley White from West Union, IA. She is sweet, smart and beautiful! Her smile is truly contagious!

And finally, about the secret I first mentioned. I have great news to share, but I can't. Not just yet anyway. I was contacted by the national contest people this afternoon. I'm so very excited to share the news from the second half of our contest with everyone tomorrow! Trust me the suspense of holding out on you guys is enough to make me super antsy pantsy. (If that's even a thing?) If you have a toddler, you understand! 


Until tomorrow...

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