About Me

Welcome and make yourself comfy. My name is Sara, and I'm the face behind the camera. I'm so happy you have taken a moment to learn a little about me. I began a love for photography early on in my life. There wasn't that "one moment" in which it happened, rather it just grew with time. I have been learning and growing artistically for most of my life. Those of you that have come to me to be photographed know that nothing makes me happier than making beautiful portraits for you. I truly love the little catchlights in a toddlers eyes, the sparkle that they all seem to have. We all know that some sparkle with mischief and there are some that sparkle with sweet innocence, the ones that sparkle with both are in for some trouble! And don't forget the high school senior who is getting ready for one of the most exciting years of their life! They hold so much promise for our future, and I love to capture each seniors' true personality. the personality that sometimes only moms know is somewhere under that tough teenage skin. But my absolute favorite has to be the tiny newborns that come to spend a few hours with me. Their smell is intoxicating, the touch of their soft skin, their purity, it gets me everytime! I think I fall in love with each new client that walks through the door.